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Llywelyn's Pub Maker's Mark / 4 Hands Brewery Dinner

Jan 17, 2019 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Llywelyn's Pub, Webster Groves, MO
Event Summary

A celebration of a collaborative effort between Llywelyn's Pub, Maker's Mark and 4 Hands Brewery.

We will be pairing Maker's Mark cocktails, with beers from 4 Hands and 7 courses from Chef Adam Cantor. 

Event Details

We at Llywelyn's Pub love to collaborate with our friends across the industry.  Our strong partnerships help bring you, our guests, only the best in products.  In this vein we were very excited to have partnered with Maker's Mark to produce a truly unique bourbon in our very own Private Select.  

Private Select uses the same method as Maker's Mark's own Maker's 46 line of whiskies where 10 staves are placed in the barrel to give an even more unique flavor to the spirit. Instead of using the sort of staves the 46 line uses, we chose a unique assortment of different woods and chars to produce a most rare and unique blend of whiskey.  

We are really proud of this one, and there was only one barrel made. 

Our Friends at 4 Hands Brewery here in St. Louis has always been open to collaboration.  It started with a special beer they made for us during St. Louis Craft Beer Week years ago, a Black IPA.  Since then, 4 Hands has graciously help us create unique beers that we can provide for our guests.  They aged an imperial stout in a Jameson barrel for our 40th Anniversary and also brew our own house beers.  When Maker's Mark emptied our barrel into 246 bottles, we knew 4 Hands was exactly where to send it to show than barrel some more love.  

Tom Behnen, an operator at our pub, wanted to show off the unique characteristics of that barrel in a beer that wouldn't mask the true barrel taste.  A dark, heavy stout was not going to show off the barrel as much.  Luckily enough, it turned out that 4 Hands was going to soon barrel age a barley wine batch they soon dubbed Father Time.  We decided to place that base beer in our own barrel to create a unique experience similar to our Private Select Whiskey.  

What this aging created, was nothing short of magical!  Sweet, butteriness along with cereal, fig and bourbon notes, it is truly a beer to warm up anyone on a cold January day. 

We are really proud of this one, and again, there was only one barrel made. 

We knew we had two unique and spectacular products that needed our best treatment.  This is when we decided to pair these unique offerings with a menu that shows off what special talents our staff truly are.    

Adam Cantor, executive chef and Kevin Trieschmann our Mixologist extraordinaire have come up with a pairing menu like no other.  Using his varied background, Adam has produced a menu that not only pays homage to our pub tradition, but also show a more inventive approach.  Kevin's pairing does the same, pairing traditional cocktails, with a unique and refreshing take. 

We are really proud of this, and it will only happen one night.  

A unique food experience, paired with a unique bourbon from one of the best distilleries and beers from one of St. Louis' premiere breweries.

Scott Mooney, the Private Select Program Manager and Martin Toft, Brewery Manager for 4 Hands Brewery will be on hand to talk about their offerings and answer any question anyone might have. 

Along with the pairings and the discussion we will have a nice goodie bag and other rare offerings.  Believe us, this is a night you do not want to miss.


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Llywelyn's Pub
17 West Moody
Webster Groves, MO, 63119

Jan 17, 2019 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
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